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Game Recordings

Welcome to the game recordings page. This is a repository of my entire YouTube channel. All recordings are in MP3 format to minimize download time and storage requirements. If the quality is a little strange in some of them, it's because I was forced to download and convert them from YouTube. I haven't always done a great job of maintaining archives, but I strive to archive everything I produce going forward.

Use this link to navigate to an index page listing all recordings.

Selecting the above link will take you to a page containing all the recordings. Simply find the link for the file you want and either download or stream it. If a file plays in your browser instead of downloading, right click, press the Applications key, or Shift F10 and select the option that says something like "save target as" to save a local copy of the file to your computer or other device. Zip archives have been created to make downloading a series easier. This page will be dynamically updated as I produce more files, so check back often for the latest content. Where possible, I'll try to mirror YouTube.

What is an audio game?

Simply put, an audio game is a game that conveys all information through sound which can include text-to-speech or TTS to read information such as ammo and health. The sound may be in stereo or binaural 3D to convey where things are in relation to your player character. There is no reason a mainstream video game can't be an audio game as well, but unfortunately, many developers don't think about creating their games for people who can't see. A great resource to learn more aside from this website and my YouTube channel is

the website.

The website contains a list of games that's constantly growing, as well as a discussion forum where users can talk among themselves.

Jim Kitchen's adult games

I was asked to produce demos of Jim Kitchen's adult games. I'd be more than happy to list them on YouTube with mature content warnings and age restricted status, but YouTube may delete them or kick me off the platform. Sadly, you're not allowed to express whatever you want on the platform anymore which is a shame. I've produced a two-part series of recordings demoing all his games and host it here. The first part covers all the other games except Dungeon Master, and the second is dedicated exclusively to it. I hope you enjoy these recordings and if you have any comments or questions, please use the contact page to get in touch.

Download my demonstration of Jim Kitchen's adult audio games here.