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This page contains miscellaneous downloads people might find useful. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

Entombed world file

This is a file for the audio game Entombed that contains many items which allows your characters to be invinsible. Alternatively, you can pick and choose specific items to make your adventure more interesting straight from the beginning of the game. Instructions are included in the archive.

Download the Entombed world file.

Macintosh Attack Adventure at C: stages

This is a set of custom levels for the Adventure at C: audio game I put together in 2014 where you fight the Macintosh text-to-speech voices. Simply unzip the archive and copy the .stg files into the stages folder located under the main folder where you have AAC.

Download Macintosh Attack.

Science Invasion audio game

This is a beta of a 2D platformer game called Science Invasion that was never finished. When it asks for a password, type superdoggy exactly as shown.

Download Science Invasion.

Talking Windows Preinstallation Environment Images

These are disk images you can burn to a DVD or USB flash drive that boot into a minimal Windows environment and load the NVDA screen reader. They can be very useful for all kinds of tasks, from installing Windows to resetting passwords. Please use one of the links to download the image you want. I've also included a download of the instructions that came with these, though I've extracted the ISO disk images so the part about running the self-extracting executables doesn't apply. I didn't make these, I'm simply hosting them because they're hard to find.

Top Speed 3 tracks and vehicles

This is an archive that contains several custom tracks and vehicles I made for the Top Speed 3 racing audio game. In order to use them, extract the contents of this archive and put the vehicle files in the vehicles folder and track files in the tracks folder located in the main Top Speed 3 program folder.

Download the Top Speed 3 tracks and vehicles.

Turn the music down!

This is the original excerpt from my World of War demonstration where I randomly start singing. Perhaps you'll find this amusing, perhaps not. The only way you'll know is if you try! Haha!

Download my little song, you know you want to!

Text-to-Speech Voices

This section contains downloads for old TTS voices. These work with the Microsoft Speech API or SAPI for short, so any program that supports this standard for speech output should work.

Swing Video

Just for fun, here's a video of me swinging for the first time on our new swing set in the back yard. Swings are amazing! Enjoy!

Download my swing video!